Inheriting the fire of civilization, quark motor lights up the city with heart

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Under the guidance of the socialist core values, Quark Motor understands that doing business is not only to serve customers, but also to assume responsibility for society. Through the study of socialist ideas, Quark Motor knows that responsibility and reward are always In proportion to this, Quark Motor is step by step taking on social responsibilities within its reach, and the company it promotes is moving forward slowly and steadily.

When China’s diesel generator set industry fell into the painful period of transformation in 2010, Quark Motor quietly began its transformation in Fu’an City. Under the dual pressure of US technology restrictions and the increase in EU access standards, Quark Motor deeply felt that China’s motor industry was in Passiveness and powerlessness when facing the world market.

To be self-reliant, you must be good at learning; in the face of the deep trough that the domestic motor industry has fallen into, the only driving force for quark motors to move forward is to learn, learn and then learn; from the predecessors of the industry, to the industry leader, and finally to Germany This learning not only allows Quark Motor to master sufficient power generation assembly technology, but also feels the pride of a brand for a country and a nation.

Although today’s quark motor is still only one of many town-level motor companies, it understands the importance of electric power to the development of a country. Therefore, at the time of deepening reform, quark motor will combine ten years of work and many industry ambitions. The same people, together to create a Chinese quality that amazes Europe and the United States.

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