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    Fujian Quark Motor Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise integrating generator set production and independent online and offline sales systems. Our products mainly include silent, open-frame, and mobile generator sets ranging from 50KW to 2000KW. Generator sets for mid-to-high-end brand engines such as Cummins, Weichai and Yuchai can be customized according to customer needs.

    We have rich experience from the development history of China's motor industry. It has gone to a German motor unit partner company to learn motor unit assembly technology with certain world-leading technologies. It has made great strides in silence, earthquake resistance, and disaster prevention. progress.

    In 2012, we assembled a silent generator set based on the German generator set assembly technology learned and combined with the actual market conditions in my country. Its cost performance has been positively evaluated in customer feedback.



    Expensive but not boastful, hard work is true

    Under the tide of capital economy, many enterprises are becoming more and more impetuous. Under the capital marketing of the New Third Board and the Growth Enterprise Market, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs are talking about capital relations and genius ideas, and step by step, rooted in technology Of private enterprises are regarded as ignorant of the trend of the times like farmers and workers.

    Quark Motor, as a private town-level motor enterprise, may be an unexceptional farmer in the capital tide. It does not have the amazing talents of those capital princes, nor does it have the leading advantage of the golden spoon. Only China has a thousand-year heritage. Everyone knows that they are diligent and faithful, step by step to create and contribute to the social value of the quark motor.

    Time waits for no one but to be strong

    Compared with the development history of civil motors in developed countries in Europe and the United States, which is as short as half a century or more than a hundred years, in less than 20 years, due to the comprehensive influence of the industry and development policies, domestic motors are independent There is a huge gap between technology and market promotion in developed countries in Europe and America. However, with the rapid development of civil technology and the acceleration of my country's deepening reform, the demand for civil motors in the market will only increase.

    Under this upcoming wave of motor development, Quark Motor, which has been deeply rooted for ten years, should be strengthened with modern business principles and service models, and it has cooperated with many independent brands in the motor industry in my country, and motor brands in developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan. A local defense war for the industry.

    Pragmatic and tasteless

    When China’s motor industry fell into the painful period of transformation in 2010, Quark Motor was quietly established in Fu’an City. Under the dual pressure of US technology restrictions and the increase in EU access standards, Quark Motor deeply felt that China’s motor industry was facing the world. Passivity and powerlessness in the market.

    To be self-reliant, one must be good at learning; in the face of the deep trough that the domestic motor industry has fallen into, the driving force for quark motor to move forward can only be learning, learning and then learning; from the predecessors of the industry, the industry leader, and finally to Germany This learning not only allows Quark Motor to master sufficient power generation assembly technology, but also feels the pride of a brand for a country and a nation.

    Although today’s quark motor is still only one of many town-level motor companies, it understands the importance of electric power to the development of a country. Therefore, at the time of deepening the reform, quark motor will integrate ten years of work and many industry ambitions. The people of the same kind work together to create a Chinese quality that will surprise Europe and the United States.

    Quality first, distinguish market, break the vicious competition of state-owned motor price war

    With the improvement of the access standards of my country’s motor industry, Quark Motor was at a loss in the direction of reform, so he went to the partner companies in Germany and the United States to study. After about five years, the development concept of foreign Combining the actual situation in our country, from product design to brand operation and service methods, a new quark motor has been created.

    Quark Motor, through the research on the disaster prevention design of foreign first-line civilian motors, uses the consumption situation of my country's motor industry to carry out some technological innovations and material substitutions to ensure that the quark motor can be started according to the regional environment and use conditions, and then explored to distinguish the domestic motor market Entry point.



    Quark motor, advancing for meeting "made in China 2025"

    With the development of science and technology triggered by the electrical age, electricity has become an indispensable basic energy source for modern society; as the current civilian electronic products are becoming more abundant and affecting our life style, our demand for electricity has become more and more huge; but the power supply Improvement will inevitably increase the ecology, environment, and cost. Therefore, providing high-efficiency, energy-saving, and low-cost civil power supply has become the most important development demand of all countries in the world.

    Although my country's civil motor industry has made great progress after the reform and opening up, compared with developed countries in Europe and the United States with a history of more than one hundred years of motor history, there are still huge differences in my country's motors in terms of independent technology and brand competition. This quark motor spared no expense to go to a German partner company to learn advanced assembly technology of the generator set, and to train a professional team to study the development trend and function improvement of the generator set according to the domestic actual situation, so as to contribute to the development of our civil generators.

    In the Twelfth Five-Year Plan, Quark Motor has achieved rapid development under the guidance of relevant policies, allowing Quark Motor to grow from an ordinary motor set plus workshop to a private company limited by shares with an average annual sales volume of over 100 units. This rapid growth rate , So that Quark Motor’s entrepreneurial team deeply realized the importance of national leadership development policies and ideas to the development of a private enterprise; therefore, after the 13th Five-Year Plan was issued, Quark Motor began to study and discuss relevant guiding ideologies, and worked in the municipal industry. Under the leadership's guidance and learning, Quark Motor has a clearer development direction as a private enterprise with the development of socialist values as the core.

    Under the tide of President Xi’s deepening reforms, Quark Motor deeply felt the importance of assuming social responsibility for the development of the company, and then inspired Quark Motor to formulate a corporate transformation plan from chasing capital to focusing on social responsibility. It is determined to obtain a development cooperation relationship with the City University Student Entrepreneurship Office and the City Poverty Alleviation Office successively to provide auxiliary planning within its capacity for entrepreneurial teams or poor households troubled by useful electricity. This auxiliary planning not only effectively solves the useful electricity problem of the helper, but also Significant results have been achieved in the construction of corporate brand and product channels, laying a solid foundation for the further development of Quark Motor, and successfully achieving the development plan of 200 units of annual production and sales.




    One of the reasons

    Quark understands your needs

    Quark motor better understand the demand of ordinary customers for cost performance and practicability of power generation units.


    One of the reasons

    Quark keep on improving themselves

    Private self-improvement enterprises, based on pragmatism, so that every customer can buy and use with peace of mind.


    One of the reasons

    Lifetime tracking after sales

    Simple service, away from routines, provide each customer with the most practical after-sales service.


    One of the reasons

    Quark speaks with quality

    You get what you pay for, and do not engage in price wars at the expense of the quality of power generation units.


    One of the reasons

    Security butler service

    Electric safety for customers is always the primary service of Quark Motor.


    One of the reasons

    Only buy the right ones, rest assured

    Tailor-made, buy the most realistic generator set at the best price.

Quark qualification
Since experiencing the European Union standard access crisis, Quark Motor has been working on technological independence and innovation. Then, under the tide of transformation of my country’s motor industry, Quark Motor has been inspired by computer brand assembly machines and referred to the motor assembly experience of German partner companies. , To learn from advanced energy-saving and disaster-preventing motor assembly technology. Through the study of advanced assembly technology and the exploration of the past two years, the quark motor has achieved breakthrough results in mute and energy saving, which not only meets the environmental protection standards of EU motor sets, but also reduces costs, so that the same price of electricity The unit has a more complete disaster prevention design, which is like a faithful steward to ensure that the unit is still performing its duties in various harsh environments.

Guangxi Yuchai Authorization Certificate

Business License

Fujian product quality inspection report

CQC quality management system certification

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