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Site layout description

Outdoor layout description:

Simple installation and placement, only a flat ground is required, and the unit is placed without shaking.

Suggestion (installation unit rainproof shed)

As shown in Figure 1.1, 1.2:

Figure 1.1 Outdoor layout of open shelf

Figure 1.2 Outdoor layout of silent model

Indoor layout and installation:

Silent open shelf: Keep indoor exhaust air smoothly, and reserve doors and windows or smoke exhaust holes.

Mute: 80cm space is reserved around to open the windows and doors of the unit.

All the units are installed with smoke exhaust holes, and install the interface according to the instructions of the technicians.

As shown in Figure 2.1, 2.2:

Figure 2.1 Interior layout of the open-frame model

Figure 2.2 Mute indoor layout

Note: All units are fully installed at the factory, and can be used when connected to electricity and water.

Quark unit online installation guide

The production of Quark products has been debugged, add water, oil, wiring, start to use, convenient and simple is our eternal purpose of Quark. However, due to the complexity of the site and the customization of the unit for some users, we will arrange one-to-one technical staff to guide the installation by video/voice to ensure the safety and standard use of the unit.

Track after sale

Guide order

Hotels, villas, construction sites, farms... Quark Motor provides customers with the best cost-effective installation solutions at any time.

Save money for maintenance

Video guidance, dedicated line answers, and maintenance skills can be mastered without cost.


The wiring is ready to use, the operation is simple, and it only takes 30 minutes to use it skillfully.

Safely control

The manual safety line provides feedback on the use of the client group at all times; regular unit safety reminders are used to eliminate potential power hazards for customers.



Starting the diesel engine needs to supply the appropriate amount of clean air and fuel to the combustion chamber at the correct time.

Start the program normally

If the fuel system is equipped with an overspeed stop, press the "reset" button before starting.

(1) On diesel engines equipped with a pneumatic pre-lubrication device, the air valve leading to the working piston of the pre-lubrication device should be opened. The pre-lubrication device will lubricate all moving parts in the diesel engine.

Note: For diesel engines equipped with an oil pressure safety switch, keep the fuel bypass switch at the "start" position until the oil pressure of the diesel engine reaches 48~69kPa (7-101bf/in'); then, turn it to " "Running" position.

(2) Adjust the throttle to the idle position and disconnect the diesel engine from the driven mechanism.

Note: In order to protect the supercharger during startup, do not open the throttle or accelerate the diesel engine to more than 1000r/min before the idle oil pressure appears on the oil pressure gauge.

(3) If a manual fuel shutoff valve is installed. It should be turned on. The electric shutoff valve works when the switch is turned on. A manual control knob is installed at the front end of the electric shutoff valve, which can open the valve when the circuit fails. When using the control knob, turn it fully clockwise; turn it to the running position after the circuit is repaired.

Warning: Check before starting, make sure everyone leaves the diesel engine and equipment to prevent accidents.

(4) Pull up the pressure relief lever (if installed) and press the starter button or turn the key switch to the "start" position. After turning for 3 to 4 seconds, lower the pressure relief lever and continue to turn the diesel engine until it catches fire.

Note: In order to prevent damage to the starter, the continuous start of the diesel engine should not exceed 30s. If it cannot catch fire within the first 30s, wait 1~2min before starting.

(5) When starting the diesel engine for the first time or after changing the oil or filter, stop the diesel engine after running for a few minutes and wait 15 minutes for the standby oil to flow back to the oil pan. Check the oil level of the diesel engine again and add it if necessary so that the oil level reaches the high (H) mark on the oil dipstick. The drop in the oil level is caused by the oil filter absorbing part of the oil. Never start the diesel engine when the oil level is below the low mark or above the high mark.


Conditions for good engine starting performance

⑴ There must be sufficient starting speed. The starting speed is high, the gas leakage in the cylinder is small, the time for compressed air to transfer heat to the cylinder wall is short, and the heat loss is small, so that the gas temperature and pressure at the end of compression can be increased. Generally, the speed should be above 100r/min.

⑵The air tightness of the cylinder is better. This can further reduce the amount of air leakage and ensure that the gas has sufficient combustion temperature and pressure at the end of compression. The compression pressure of the cylinder shall not be lower than 80% of the standard value.

⑶ It is required that the matching clearance between the engine and the running parts is proper and the lubrication is good.

⑷The battery must have enough starting capacity, and the technical condition of the starting circuit is normal.

⑸ The starting oil quantity meets the requirements, the injection quality is good, and the injection advance angle must meet the requirements.

⑹ Use fuel that meets the requirements.

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