Quark Motor, to build a national brand of diesel generator sets on the road to self-reliance

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Under the tide of capital economy, many enterprises are becoming more and more impetuous. Under the capital marketing of the New Third Board and the Growth Enterprise Market, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs are talking about capital relations and genius ideas, and step by step, rooted in technology Of private enterprises are regarded as ignorant of the trend of the times like farmers and workers.

    Quark Motor, as a private town-level motor enterprise, may be an unexceptional farmer in the capital tide. It does not have the amazing talents of those capital prides, nor does it have the leading advantage of the golden spoon. Only China has a thousand-year heritage. Everyone knows that they are diligent and faithful, step by step to create and contribute to the social value of the quark motor.

Compared with the development history of civil motors in developed countries in Europe and America, which is only half a century or more than a hundred years, our civil motors have been affected by the comprehensive influence of the industry and development policies in less than 20 years. There is a huge gap between technology and market promotion in developed countries in Europe and America. However, with the rapid development of civil technology and the acceleration of my country's deepening reform, the demand for civil motors in the market will only increase.

Under this upcoming tide of diesel generator development, the Quark Motor, which has been deeply rooted for ten years, should be strengthened with modern business principles and service models. It will cooperate with many independent brands in the diesel generator industry in my country and developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan. The electric motor brand is engaged in a local defense war in the industry.

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