The road to self-reliance of motors under the smoke of Sino-US economic and trade

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With the help of reform and opening up, China Motor has emerged in the United States, and its position in the world is established in the European market after China's entry into the WTO. However, due to the well-known internal problems of the EU and the adjustment of foreign trade access standards, China Motor, which has not yet established its footing, could not help but stumble to the ground. After nearly a decade of industrial transformation, China Motor, which has just stood up, has to face again. The tariff policy on Trump.

Due to the United States’ world position and its leading ability in NATO, Trump’s two proposals to impose tariffs have undoubtedly become the benchmark for pro-U.S. tariffs on China. By then, China’s industry and agriculture will take hold in the international market. Only difficult.

Although China and the United States are still negotiating, it is even more confusing and at a loss under this general trend of rain and rain. As an important foundation for industrial development, how to deal with this The sub-crisis will directly affect the future development speed of China's industry.

In the EU’s unilaterally raising China’s industrial access standards a decade ago, the country had to force a transformation, high foreign motor technology transfer fees, a large number of motor foundries closed, state-owned assets to promote domestic sales of motors... A market structure where independent motor production is upstream, and domestic sales are dominated by the assembly of domestic units.

However, my country's economy is currently in a difficult period of deepening reforms. In the face of this tariff crisis, it is unknown whether foreign children in the industrial industry of motor product assembly can be taken care of by the policy stepmother.

Children without mothers have been in charge early, and Quark Motor, which has nearly five years of experience in assembling units, has a deep understanding of this. At this time of calm and wind, the assembly of units can only find a way of self-reliance.

Quark Motor found that with the changes in urban development policies in recent years, civilian-type generator sets are gradually becoming popular, especially in the development of single-family buildings and small villas around second- and third-tier cities. Due to the problem of public power supply and distribution, households The demand for civilian generator sets has become extremely important; however, most of the domestic assembly of finished generator sets still adopts industrial and high-rise building power distribution as the standard, which is not only expensive for civilian use, but also has problems of difficult maintenance and complicated operation; Therefore, Quark Motor found through feedback to customers such as hotels, villas, farms, etc., that they all put forward the individual needs of civilian-type electric generators.

Throughout the development history of various electronic products, Quark motors have found a phenomenon. Whether mobile phones or computers, they have gone through the process of unified installation, brand assembly and individual assembly to meet the needs of different customers.

Quark Motor believes that in the current mobile Internet information explosion environment, the motor industry should learn from the development of the computer industry. Unit assembly manufacturers not only assemble finished products, but also have assembly consulting and customization functions; just like we assemble computers, The accessories are selected according to their own needs, and finally assembled by the manufacturer.

Since the promotion of domestic civilian motors lags behind developed countries, most people's awareness of motor accessories is still in the enlightenment stage. Therefore, how to make the domestic public correctly recognize civilian motors will inevitably become an unavoidable problem on the road to self-improvement of domestic motors.

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