Suggestions for Transformation of Express Hotel Industry

Article source:this site | Issuing time:2019-06-03

As most domestic real estate companies pursue an open approach that maximizes their benefits, the finished products lack upgradeable space; and the most affected is the transformation of express hotels.

For the transformation of express hotels, the most complicated and difficult part is the hydropower transformation. However, the main layout and planning of the sewage transformation are complicated but basically not difficult; however, the circuit transformation involves many aspects such as safety and hotel services, so power distribution The problem has become an important point for the opening of the hotel.

Conventionally, there are two kinds of quick hotel power distribution solutions, one is public network power distribution + independent power supply for enterprises and institutions; the other is public network power distribution + independent power supply system.

Although the first solution is simple and low in cost, it is generally used only by express hotels that are close to enterprises and institutions. The priority of power supply is also lower than that of enterprise headquarters. In the case of simultaneous power outages, the power supply of express hotels cannot be guaranteed. .

The second type, although the initial cost is high and requires daily maintenance, but it ensures stable power supply and has a more flexible power distribution plan and cost control plan, which is more conducive to the long-term operation and brand development strategy of the hotel. Therefore, more and more express hotels have gradually begun to choose to purchase diesel power generation units to build independent power supply systems.

Fujian Quark Motor's dust-proof and silent series is based on the standard cold-rolled sheet for manufacturing trucks. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, rain-proof corrosion and no deformation. It is equipped with dust-proof baking paint to ensure the power generation unit in the sandy grassland area outdoor environment It can also work normally; and the built-in sand filter design effectively reduces the maintenance cost of this series of generator sets. At the same time, this series of generator sets can also be customized for moisture, rain, shock and thunderstorm protection according to the actual use environment of the customer.

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