Everyone is responsible for safety and prevention, and electricity safety starts from bit by bit

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With the popularity of household appliances, it also leaves a variety of safety hazards for daily life, and once an electricity accident occurs, it is extremely easy to cause death and fire, which will cause irreparable losses to family property and personnel; therefore, quark The service principle of electric motors is the safe use of electricity, and a series of small safety details that should be paid attention to in daily electricity use are specially organized to reduce the occurrence of electricity accidents.

1. Drinking fountain

Nowadays, most households have water dispensers, but at the same time it is equivalent to hiding the fire hazard. Experiments have proved that after the water dispenser is dry for only five minutes, it will start to smoke and slowly gas flames. If not handled properly, the consequences will be unimaginable. Therefore, Quark Motor summarized the following water dispenser safety resources through sorting out.

Main reasons for fire caused by drinking fountains:

1. The temperature control device fails;

2. The electric heating element is damaged, short circuit and other reasons cause the safe current of the wire to exceed;

3. The inner tank of the drinking fountain is dehydrated to form a "dry burn";

4. The wiring inside the water dispenser is aging.

Quark Motor Friendly Tips:

1. The general service life of drinking fountains is five years. If there is a collision, please promptly ask a professional for maintenance and inspection;

2. Turn off the power switch of the rice water machine when there is no one;

3. Do not place flammable objects around the drinking fountain, such as sofas, TVs, etc.;

2. Water heater

With the popularity of electric water heaters in recent years, accidents of death and injury due to electric water have occurred from time to time; although electric water heaters now have anti-leakage functions, leakage accidents caused by improper operation such as aging sockets cannot be avoided, so the quark motor collects Follow the instructions below to avoid safe operation of electric water heaters.

Reasons for electric water heater leakage accident:

1. Families that have not privately pulled wires into their homes in accordance with safety standards;

2. The wire is aging or exposed to the bathroom air;

3. Use unqualified or old-fashioned sockets.

Quark Motor Friendly Tips:

1. Electric water heaters generally have a service life of eight years; ensure that the water tank is cleaned at least once a year to avoid electricity leakage caused by scale corrosion of the inner tank;

2. When the water pressure or voltage is unstable, the electric water heater should be suspended to avoid damage to the inner tank;

3. Use a socket with leakage protection, and ensure that the wires are aging and grounded during installation.

4. When purchasing an electric water heater, pay attention to whether it has an electric wall device.

Three, refrigerator

Refrigerators are an indispensable fresh-keeping tool for families, but few people have noticed that refrigerators are also one of the hidden dangers of fires. Therefore, many people have made irreparable mistakes due to the wrong placement of refrigerators. Therefore, the quark motor is summarized by collection. The following safety issues should be paid attention to when using the refrigerator:

Reasons of refrigerator fire:

1. Put flammable and explosive items such as high-concentration alcohol or adhesives in the refrigerator;

2. The refrigeration layer of the refrigerator contains isobutane, once it leaks and encounters an open flame, it will easily explode;

3. After the compressor of the refrigerator is stopped, there is a large pressure difference between the suction side and the discharge side, and the motor may be burned out when the voltage is unstable.

Quark Motor Friendly Tips:

1. Refrigerators generally have a service life of ten years, and the refrigerator refrigeration layer is checked for leaks on average once a year;

2. The refrigerator should be placed far away from the stove, and microwave ovens, rice cookers and other electrical appliances should not be placed around to prevent electromagnetic interference from causing damage to the refrigerator;

3. The refrigerator cannot be placed in a sealed place, and at least 10cm of ventilation space on both sides should be maintained;

4. Filled and sealed carbonated drinks, wine, dry ice and other items cannot be directly placed in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator;

5. Do not use water directly on the refrigerator surface, the socket should be selected according to the refrigerator power.

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