One of the selections of the hotel's standby diesel generator set

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Under the general trend of environmental protection and energy saving, as a large electricity consumer in modern cities, hotels have relatively increased electricity costs under the domestic public network power restriction policy.

As an indispensable equipment for modern hotel services, diesel generator sets are facing increasing pressure on electricity costs. The choice of generator sets is no longer just as a backup power source, but has become one of the key factors affecting hotel profitability.

Guangxi Yuchai diesel engine is a product developed by absorbing the consulting results of the German FEV company; the body and cylinder head are made of integral crankshaft alloy cast iron, which is small in size, light in weight and high in reliability. The overhaul period is more than 10,000 hours. At the same time, the engine runs smoothly. The noise is reduced, and the assembly technology independently developed by Fujian Quark Motor not only guarantees the energy saving and environmental protection of the motor, but also has more stability, so that the motor unit can guarantee the normal operation to the greatest extent in various working environments, and minimize it for customers Operation and maintenance costs.

Fujian Quark Motor refers to the European standard silent assembly technology and independently developed patents for Quark. The internal structure design starts from details. While ensuring effective noise reduction, customers can freely choose the combination of required power in a limited installation space, which truly helps customers Realize tailor-made products that save money, time and space.

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