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In recent years, with the changes in urban development policies, civil generators are gradually becoming popular, especially in the development of single-family buildings and small villas around second- and third-tier cities. Due to the problem of the supply and distribution of city electricity and public networks, households have become more concerned about civil generators. The demand for power generation has become extremely important; however, most of the domestic finished unit assembly still uses industrial and high-rise building power distribution as the standard, which is not only costly for civilian use, but also has problems such as difficult maintenance and complicated operation.

Diesel generator sets of different quality have different tolerance limits for thermal expansion and contraction. When the ambient temperature is lower than the specified temperature of the body, the high-speed and high temperature generated by the heater system will cause certain damage to the body that produces the cold shrinkage effect. Seriously affect the service life and safety accidents of diesel generator sets; therefore, in spring and winter, the heat preservation work of diesel generator sets must be done, and it is strictly forbidden to expose diesel generator sets directly to cold air; at the same time, if they are exposed to harsh conditions for a long time In the environment, you must choose a diesel generator set with corresponding cold resistance, otherwise it will not only affect the working efficiency of the diesel generator set, but also leave serious safety hazards.

Therefore, Quark Motor, through feedback to customers such as hotels, villas, and farms, and based on the gradual maturity of current mobile remote control technology, began to initially try the introduction and assembly of multi-functional control systems, so that diesel generator sets can adjust their work efficiency in time under different environmental changes. , In order to ensure the working safety of diesel generator sets.

Fujian Quark Motor takes the burden reduction design of European and American mobile generator sets as the prototype, and carries out design and anti-vibration adjustments according to actual domestic conditions to ensure that the Quark mobile generator sets can adapt to a variety of mountain and forest road conditions. The independently designed rainproof, dustproof and silent assembly technology is meeting Various power units work normally in different outdoor environments, while effectively reducing the burden required for the movement of the generator units.

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