Quark Motor takes environmental protection as the core and energy saving as the goal, and formulates product upgrade policy

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With the increasing demand for electric energy, the commonly used diesel generator sets have become an essential tool for modern production and life in towns, islands, forest farms, mines, oil fields and other areas far away from the large power grid; therefore, under the tide of scientific development of safety, energy saving, and ecology, People's requirements for the quality of commonly used diesel generator sets are also increasing, so Quark Motor has found through many years of market feedback that in the domestic market where diesel generator sets are homogenized, the problems that really affect the difference in the work of diesel generator sets are mainly due to Environment and work content.

The core of the work of diesel generator sets lies in the integration of diesel and air. Therefore, in the bad weather conditions without corresponding protection, inhaling too much humid or excessively impurity air will not only seriously affect the working efficiency of diesel generator sets, but also It will cause unpredictable damage to the body, thereby increasing the failure rate and maintenance rate of the diesel generator set.

Secondly, due to cost and use conditions, different types of diesel engines have different production processes and materials to meet the best cost performance in different environments; but because many people first contact and use diesel generator sets, they did not seriously consult the manufacturer The related instructions required for this type of diesel generator set often lead to overtime or overwork of the diesel generator set, which causes the internal material of the diesel generator set to become loose due to thermal expansion and contraction, which will not only seriously affect the use of the diesel generator set. Life expectancy also leaves various unforeseen safety hazards.

Therefore, Fujian Quark Motor will learn about my country’s "General Technical Requirements for Mobile Power Stations", "Technical Conditions for Power Frequency Diesel Generator Sets" and "Factory and Enterprise Boundary Noise Emission Standards" and other relevant regulations and regulations, on the one hand, to increase the technical requirements of diesel generator sets. , On the other hand, complete the relevant safety instructions as soon as possible, so as to truly achieve environmental protection and energy saving, so that customers can be more assured and worry-free.

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