Precautions for daily operation of diesel generator sets

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With the popularization of diesel generator sets in all walks of life, the corresponding requirements for electrician operations are getting higher, especially in high-power diesel generator sets in commercial areas, industrial areas and other places. Improper operation will not only affect diesel generator sets. Cause damage, but also cause serious safety accidents. Therefore, Quark Motor responds to the national safety production policy and summarizes the following points through years of experience:

1. Large and medium-sized diesel generator sets must be equipped with electricians who are familiar with the safety operating procedures of diesel generator sets.
2. Safety warning signs should be done in the dedicated machine room. When operating the diesel generator body, other staff should be warned or notified in advance to prevent others from using electricity during the operation.
3. When carrying out live work on low-voltage equipment due to special needs, other operators must be present for supervision, and insulation work and emergency equipment must be done well.
4. If the unit has not been turned on for more than three days, the gearbox, clutch and other components of the unit must be carefully checked before starting, and the unit can be turned on after confirmation.
5. Maintain the sanitation of the computer room at all times, perform regular maintenance, and keep a record of repairs or parts replacement.

In the electrical age, no matter what dangerous place, as long as there is human civilization, electricity is inseparable. Fujian Quark Motor is powered by the brand and cooperated with the self-developed silent protection assembly process, so that the power generation unit can always guarantee power supply whether it is in the alpine or subtropical zone.

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