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Compared with the development history of civil diesel generator sets in developed countries in Europe and America, which is as short as half a century and more than a hundred years, our civil motors have been affected by the comprehensive influence of the industry and development policies in less than 20 years, resulting in domestic motors being ignored. Whether it is independent technology or market promotion, there is a huge gap with developed countries in Europe and America. However, with the rapid development of civil technology and the acceleration of my country's deepening reform, the demand for civil motors in the market will only increase.

For example, driven by chain hotels such as Qitian and Super 8, city express hotels have gradually emerged in China. However, due to the advantages of small investment and dense housing, this kind of express hotels affects the configuration of the generator set. Cummins series diesel engines have the advantages of small size, light weight, low fuel consumption, high power, reliable operation, and electronic governor. They have long been the first choice for diesel generator sets in commercial areas. However, compared with Cummins, the high price, technology monopoly, and long after-sales issues are not conducive to the operation cost management of domestic medium and small express hotels. Therefore, Quark Motor, based on the assembly experience of commercial diesel generator sets in developed countries, combined with domestic electricity consumption habits and standards, and accurately according to customers' electricity needs, provides customers with the best cost-effective diesel generator sets.

Under this upcoming tide of motor development, Quark Motor, which has been deeply rooted for ten years, should be strengthened with modern business principles and service models, and it has cooperated with many independent brands in the motor industry in my country, and motor brands in developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan. A local defense war for the industry.

Fujian Quark Motor's dust-proof and silent series is based on the standard cold-rolled sheet for manufacturing trucks. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, rain-proof corrosion and no deformation. It is equipped with dust-proof baking paint to ensure the power generation unit in the sandy grassland area outdoor environment It can also work normally; and the built-in sand filter design effectively reduces the maintenance cost of this series of generator sets. At the same time, this series of generator sets can also be customized for moisture, rain, shock, thunderstorm, etc. according to the actual use environment of the customer.

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