Matters needing attention when purchasing high-speed supercharged diesel generator sets

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Diesel generator sets are essential equipment for hotels, but the hotel industry has strict requirements on the quality of generators due to its serviceability and geographic location, which have strict requirements for noise and emission. For small and medium-sized express hotels, how to buy them at a limited cost Generating sets that meet the required standards have become the biggest headache for the hotel.

The high-speed supercharged diesel engine has a large single engine capacity and a small space; it can be equipped with electronic or hydraulic speed control devices, and the generator can use a synchronous motor with brushless excitation to ensure the operation of the diesel generator set, effectively reducing failures and convenience Maintenance and repair, but the high-speed pressurized type has high requirements on the environment and air quality, so different air filters need to be selected according to the environment:

1. Inertial type (centrifugal type): Taking advantage of the high density of dust and impurities in the air composition, by guiding the airflow to rotate or turn sharply, the dust and impurities are separated from the air under the action of centrifugal force.

2. Oil bath type (wet type): When air passes through the oil, air impurities are deposited in the oil and filtered.

3. Filter type (dry type): guide the airflow through the filter element, so that dust and impurities are adhered to the filter element by impurities. .

In addition, pay attention to the installation and arrangement of the intake and exhaust pipes of the diesel engine to prevent the exhaust gas from staying near the diesel unit, causing secondary inhalation of the exhaust gas. At the same time, the material and size of the muffler should be selected according to the actual power used by the unit. If it is working under long-term load, it will affect the muffler and cause poor noise attenuation. Therefore, when using high-speed supercharged diesel generator sets, we must try to avoid overloading.

Fujian Quark Motor's dust-proof and silent series is based on the standard cold-rolled sheet for manufacturing trucks. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, rain-proof corrosion and no deformation. It is equipped with dust-proof baking paint to ensure the power generation unit in the sandy grassland area outdoor environment It can also work normally; and the built-in sand filter design effectively reduces the maintenance cost of this series of generator sets. At the same time, this series of generator sets can also be customized for moisture, rain, shock and thunderstorm protection according to the actual use environment of the customer.

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