Some matters needing attention when installing diesel generator set

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As a customer who purchases a diesel generator set for the first time, often because some installation details are not paid attention to, the diesel generator set will eventually produce various undesirable conditions at work. Therefore, Quark Motor has sorted out the following correct installation steps according to common installation problems:

1. Unit installation items: The concrete installation site should reserve anchor bolt holes according to the size of the diesel generator set. For example, in ordinary mud or concrete below C10, it is necessary to install compression and seismic equipment as required. Install directly on rocks, hillsides or protective slopes. When installing, ensure the flatness of the surrounding ground and confirm that it is at the horizontal line. If installing between floors, first confirm the anti-vibration ability of the floor, and try to stay away from the bearing wall. It is strictly forbidden to place it on walls or columns.

2. Supporting installation items: When installing the exhaust and silencer system, connect the interface correctly according to the instructions. If you need to extend it, you must ensure the airtightness of the extension pipe connection. For example, if there is no machine room or the temperature control condition of the machine room is insufficient, you need to prepare Corresponding thermal insulation materials can avoid dust and moisture problems in the exhaust and muffler system.

3. Electronic equipment installation matters: now silent or large open-frame series diesel generator sets basically use electronic control systems. Therefore, for diesel generator sets equipped with electronic equipment, protective measures such as moisture and sun protection must be taken to avoid aging of electronic equipment or batteries , Short circuit and other issues.

Fujian Quark Motor refers to the European standard silent assembly technology and independently developed patents for Quark. The internal structure design starts from details. While ensuring effective noise reduction, customers can freely choose the combination of required power in a limited installation space, which truly helps customers Realize tailor-made products that save money, time and space.

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