Market segmentation, technology refinement, Quark Motor sets sail bravely

Article source:this site | Issuing time:2019-09-25

Electricity lights up our colorful nights and creates our comfortable life; without the rendering of electricity, the Hilton Hotel will also lose its taste and become cold cement.

Electricity is an indispensable tool for modern hotel services. It can be said that when modern hotel services are out of power, it is no doubt going out of business. Therefore, the reputation of modern hotels is based on having a stable power supply system; and quark motors have passed Xinmatai and island types in recent years. The cooperation of the resort has summed up the common problems of diesel generator sets in the Yanhai area, such as the impact of excessively humid air, rust and corrosion, and excessively salty sea breeze on the work of diesel generator sets.

Therefore, after absorbing the maintenance and opinions of many customers, Quark Motor has been continuously tried and improved for more than a year, specifically for the use of different forms of sea or island use environments such as bed and breakfast hotels, single-family express hotels, villa-style resorts, etc. Carrying out research, starting from the selection of accessories and materials, adjustment of assembly details, etc., to adapt to the actual use and environment of different customers, in order to achieve the maximum cost-effectiveness of diesel generator sets.

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